Farletta and Cheryl

Peace Horse Journey

Hi, I’m Cheryl. Author, Horse Midwife, Level 1 Reiki newbie, horse trainer, artist, eternal student of equine behavior, and all-around lover of horses. Peace Horse Journey is a blog about horse-guided self-discovery, and helpful hints about how to best understand and care for our equine friends.

First post: My Horse’s Midlife Crisis

As Farletta opened up and released her tension, I could feel it. I could feel the energy shift and the tension leaving her body, and I could feel her emotions, too. Her body softened, and her behaviors improved… I have been many things in my life, but the one thing I haven’t been, not fully anyway, is 100% true to myself—100% unabashedly, unapologetically me. (more)

Straying into the Swamp

“Grief seems an endless trail, looping back in on itself, over and over. Just when you think you’ve gotten ahead of it, there it is again, right in front of you.” –Cheryl L. Eriksen

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Treading Water

Her words dropped onto my heart, one-by-one, each a gentle nudge toward the shore of acceptance. I knew what she’d said was true, I knew it in my heart, but I needed to hear it again, out loud, for it to take hold in this new way.

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My favorite ribbon

After decades of showing horses and hundreds of awards won, there is one ribbon that means the most of all. And it’s not the one you might think …

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